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“I felt so overwhelmed when trying to plan for the wedding. I thought that I could do it all on my own, but I’m so grateful that you were available to step in and ease my burden. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to have everything I wanted on our budget, but Guiding Star Events came through! I was really impressed by the personal touches you thought up for us, and we’ve saved many of those things as mementoes for years to come. I felt like I could just relax and enjoy myself because I knew that you were there to take care of any last-minute problems (like a certain groomsman’s tux!). I couldn’t have been happier with all of your support and creative ideas. It was truly the beautiful, magical night I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl thanks to you.”

Mrs. Sarah Bohannon

My daughter and son in law got married in August 2008 in Westerly, Rhode Island. The wedding took place outdoors and in two locations, so we needed to plan for rain or shine and we needed transportation for the guests. In the throws of planning the wedding, I realized that there were too many moving parts and I needed help in planning and execution, so that the bride, groom, my husband and I could enjoy the event and not be consumed by the details of the wedding day.

I contracted with Lucia Cordone of Guiding Star Events to help with some of the planning and to orchestrate the details of the wedding day. She was perfect to work with, professional and calming.

Actually, my daughter and I at first thought that Lucia may be too "nice" to whip all of the vendors, caterers and wedding party into shape. We were wrong. She made sure that everything was on time, and she was forceful and decisive when needed. The professionals she recommended, such as the hair stylist and make up person, were also wonderful.

We had a joyous, memorable, relatively stress free wedding day and I attribute much of the success of the day to Lucia and Guiding Star Events. I would highly recommend Lucia as an accomplished wedding planner.

Roberta Woronow
Mother of the Bride

"I was impressed with Guiding Star Event's capacity to plan long distance. They made my bridal shower such an intimate event at the perfect restaurant; you would have thought they were based in New York."

Nicole Mozgala

“No stone was left unturned from the first organizational meeting to the conclusion of the event. This bright and articulate young lady conducted herself in a most professional manner resulting in an event that was still talked about weeks later.”

Mr. John Gilman
President, Western Mass. Blasting Corp.

"Since my husband and I were throwing this party as a joint effort with my ex-husband and his wife, I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to agree on anything, never mind see eye to eye. You handled the entire process with grace and professionalism that we are forever grateful for. I never imagined that things would go smoothly with all four of us having a say in the decision-making, but to my delight, the entire party went off without a hitch. We were so busy worrying about getting along, we almost lost sight of the big picture; you kept us on track. You were kind and understanding, and got us all to work effortlessly together to give our daughter the day she wanted.

Both families found themselves enjoying the party, it was exactly what our daughter wanted, and I didn’t have to work! You had assured me that I would be part of the party, enjoying the moment, and not worrying about the details…you were right! I had such a splendid time meeting and greeting and chatting with our guests, I felt I was at someone else’s party, with nothing to do but sit back and relax. This would not have been possible without you.

You had everything scheduled, had the head count, had everything in order; there was nothing for me to worry about or tend to. Everyone should be able to have a party like that! I hope our guests took note of how splendid the day really was, and will take my advice and call you. I can guarantee we will be contacting you for our next party or function; I can’t imagine having one without you there to handle the details and relieve me of my stress! Again, thank you for everything."

Cherelle Townsend
Mother of the Graduate

“Lucia was absolutely great to work with!  Although my husband and I enlisted her services as a "day-of" coordinator, Lucia worked with us for months before the wedding.  She helped us to coordinate with our venue, she helped me to find and book a salon for hair appointments, booked a manicure/pedicure for me, and helped me to find a spray-on tanning salon, just to name a few things she assisted us with.  In addition, with all of her experience, she was a great resource to tell us whether our plans/ideas would or would not work.  I had originally wanted an aisle runner, but Lucia correctly suggested that rose petals might work better in our venue. 
Lucia also was a great "counselor."  Planning a wedding is an arduous task, and Lucia not only attended to the wedding details, she also was concerned about both my and my husband's states of mind.   Although I didn't meet Lucia in person until the week of our wedding, I felt as though we were old friends.  Lucia is not only a great wedding planner, she is a great person.  It is just this type of combination that every bride should be lucky to have standing behind the scenes (and making sure everything goes off flawlessly) on her wedding day.
Lucia really stepped up on our wedding day.  We had planned an outdoor wedding, and unfortunately, it rained cats and dogs that day.  Lucia was able to pull off a beautiful indoor wedding for us on little notice.  In addition, I had elected to do my own flowers using an online wholesaler.  As a result, Lucia took over the role of the florist that day by ensuring that the arrangements were delivered to the venue and set up according to our plan.  She really went above and beyond to make our wedding day special!  In addition, Lucia flawlessly handled the little snags that always come up during weddings (uninvited guests, etc), so that my husband and I could simply enjoy the evening.”
Mrs. Tanya Havlin


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